1. Prioritize.

If you can’t prioritize your time, then how will you be able to do something meaningful with your day? It might seem crazy, but if you want to fulfill your purpose, then you’re going to need to learn time management and how to prioritize. Living on point isn’t going to happen unless you make it happen.

2. Relationship Building.

Just because we’re living in the Digital age, doesn’t mean that relationships are superfluous. The relationships that you build are more meaningful than anything else in your life. Your car can’t hug you, and a large television can’t offer you a shoulder to cry on after a difficult day. Your friends can, though. Just consider the impact that you can have on their lives, too.

3. Give Back.

Nothing should stop you from investing in your future and yourself. However, you shouldn’t stop there. There are other angles of your life that you should pursue. One of the best ways to show gratitude is to give back and serve others.

4. Accountability.

Where would you be without accountability? You should hold yourself accountable, for both your actions and your words. When you take responsibility for your behavior, the people around you tend to do the same. You should think before you speak, and consider the potential consequences before you act.

5. Discipline.

This isn’t just for your professional life, and it should also be something you apply in your personal life. Discipline is part of becoming your whole self. It will help you avoid the wrong decision and assist you in achieving your goals.

6. Distance Yourself From Hate.

You may think your hatred is fueling you, but the only one who will get burned is you. Life is far too short to allow hate space. It will exhaust you.

7. Forgive.

You should always be quick to forgive, both others and yourself. Just because you forgive others doesn’t mean that you have to speak to them. It doesn’t mean that you are condoning their behavior. Forgiveness is an act of kindness to yourself rather than to others. It means letting go of the emotion and energy you put into hating them! Forgiving yourself means you have more energy and space for love and acceptance.

8. Family First Always.

This doesn’t have to mean your blood relations, and if there are toxic family members, you shouldn’t feel the need to embrace them. Whether your family ties are blood or water, you should always make time for them. Yes, they rely on you, and it’s important to make time for you and your interests. Just remember, they have your back.

9. Dream Chaser.

If you have a dream, then you need to chase it no matter what. The most important thing, though, is that you make sure you pursue the right ones. Will it add value to others? Or in your life? Your dreams should fall in line with your purpose.

10. Let Go.

It isn’t easy to do, but it’s important that you learn how to let go. Some things just aren’t within your control, and if you try to hold on too tight, you will just drive yourself crazy.

11. Pursue Passion.

Don’t be afraid to jump outside of your comfort zone. The world is a massive place, and in the scheme of things, you’re living a small life. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create change or make a positive impact.

12. Role Model.

Be the change. It’s an opportunity that we all have, and in every aspect of your life. To be a role model, to lead by example, you must first show consistency in your character. Actions speak much louder than any words.

13. Guardian Angel.

Stand up for the people who don’t have an equal voice. If you possess privilege, then you should do something with it. Don’t just watch, do something. Be courageous, stand up for your beliefs and allow others to have equal rights and privileges.

14. Baby Steps.

Commit to improving yourself just a little bit every single day. Think about it, and if you make a small improvement every day by the end of the year you will have made a massive leap. The only way to improve is through learning, accepting and giving feedback, and reflecting on past experiences. Then taking action on what you have learned. There is even a school of thought that thinks to really learn and grow you need to teach what you have learned.

15. No Regrets.

You probably think about the regrets you have, something you wish you hadn’t said, a date you wish you’d never gone on. What’s worse – regretting something you did or something that you didn’t do? You can change both. You can think before you speak, you can consider others before you act, and you can push yourself to act on your purpose and passion. While it’s impossible to live a life with no regrets, you can mitigate those regrets when you are mindful.

16. The Purpose.

There can be no passion without purpose and purpose is empty without passion. How can you inspire others or be an effective leader without purpose and passion? Leading a life that is driven by purpose is living a whole life and achieving fulfillment. So, if you want to be a whole and fulfilled person, you need to identify your purpose and act on it first.

17. Surround Yourself with People Who Vibrate at the Same Energy.

We have already discussed the importance of relationships. It is even more important to surround yourself with people who vibrate at the same high energy level you do. Some people will have energy which is denser than yours. This is because they are always negative. If you associate with these people long-term, then you will become more negative, and your energy field will be denser. Allow yourself to expand into your true potential by surrounding yourself with people who keep your energy buzzing.

In time, if you implement all of these steps you will hear yourself and raise your energy. You will have freedom and joy within your life and attract more of the same on a daily basis.

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