As many of you know, I do not agree with the conventional wisdom regarding 7 chakras, or indeed any chakras. I have been with friends as they channeled the knowledge that the chakras awaken our spirituality.

As to what I really think about the chakras will wait for another post. Suffice to say for now is that I believe that they are an energy overlay. They cover and obscure the truth about our real energy centers underneath. They are also the method the lower vibrational energies use to program us.

This manipulation is one of the reasons why people always need to have the chakras rebalanced and created. For now, let’s just say if you have chakras it is better to keep the chakras open rather than to have them closed.

7 Chakras On the Physical Plane

The base chakra – the root chakra – chakra one.

The energy center for this chakra is at the base of the spine on the coccyx. Our instinct for survival is alleged to be seated this physical area. It allows us to appreciate ourselves and a sense of preservation and it supports our vitality and energy. In kundalini yoga, this is where the coiled serpent of the energy arises from. It is also supposed to be the center which is our connection to the earth plane. It is this chakra that is most often associated grounding as it connects us to the physical world. The qualities surrounding the chakra are the feeling of being at home in your own skin. Our sense of security comes from this region because this is where we are connected to the earth and our understanding of belonging. It is about survival family or the ability to be able to protect both yourself and those you love.7 chakras

The second chakra – the sacral chakra

The energy center for the sacral chakra is just beneath our navel or tummy button. The center is said to be The root of our sexual identity and sexual emotions. It is the area where desire and creativity of bone because it is supposed to stimulate the creative life force. This force is supposed to be a prerequisite for living on earth. Its physical qualities are about sex, how we think about our sexuality and how we honor our sexuality. It is also about innocence, ethics and our self-control.

THE Third  Chakra – the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The solar plexus area is halfway between the low breast line and the navel. The words “gut feeling” come from this area because this is where our sense of touch or feeling comes from. These feelings first come from the etheric body and enter the physical playing here. The solar plexus is the area said to be the center of personal power, ambition, drive, desire, and emotion. Because of its position in the center of the body, it is our point of reference. It is a place we can supposedly come to peace and stillness. As you know, I believe that this can only be reached through the heart center. Physically it is associated with self-esteem, self-respect our confidence in whether or not we care for ourselves and others. It is the area of the take responsibility for our decisions whether good or bad or the area we feel most sensitive to criticism. It is also our connectedness with trust bravery and strength.

The fourth chakra – the heart chakra

Located in the middle of the chest this is the center of old human love and compassion. It is the area we connect to everything physically around us. It also inspires our connection to the divine and reinforces our relationship to the universe and everything in it. A blocked heart chakra will remain a heart center is also blocked. When this occurs, we have severed our connection to the soul and source. The qualities associated with this are all about love. It is the area of hope, faith, compassion for everything and everyone. It is also an area where we learn to forgive and commit ourselves to serve others.

The fifth chakra – the throat chakra.

This energy center is just above the collarbone in the middle of the neck. Because of its proximity to the throat it is considered to be the center of all communication and expression. This level of interaction is not merely verbal. It also associated with how we reinforce our communication with body language and also controls telepathic contact. When we fail to realize our purpose, we can begin to start to stutter or have other forms of speech impediment. It may also result in an overactive or underactive thyroid. The physical qualities associated with the chakras of the choices we make about how personal expression. Whether or not we follow our own dream. The heart center is the opening of our connection source and everything we choose to do. It gives us complete confidence when we are living on point. It’s about the ability to create your own dream and have the strength of will to act on it.

The sixth chakra – the third eye chakra

This chakra is in the center of the forehead between the eyebrow and the brow. It is supposed to be the center of our intuition and intellect. It is supposedly the area where intelligence and creativity combine to create a spark. This spark manifests itself as own unique light and personal magnetism. Not surprisingly the physical qualities surround our intellectual capacity. It’s about honesty, integrity, and truth. It governs how adequate we feel and how open we continue ideas and also ideals. It is about learning from our experience in using our intelligence to Creighton forged new paths.

The seventh chakra – The crown chakra

This chakra is located at the top of our head end is the area most associated with enlightenment. It supposedly facilitates the communication from the cosmos of the universe to your soul. An ability since it is the source of all knowledge. When we lose our illusions regarding our world and the universe we can overcome our ego. Our ideals are authentic because we have left behind detrimental grasping of material things. We are in balance with our the physical world and our spiritual world. Once you can detach yourself from judgment either about the world or your emotions, you can begin to experience a genuine, authentic self-awareness. This awareness is not necessarily a truth. I believe this area connects you to the fourth dimension which is the dimension where all programming and patenting comes from lower entities to make you think that you have a connection to the universe. The matrix has you plugged in like a puppet. In the matrix, it is easier for lower entities to program you and make you react to create negative energies. This connectivity is essential because they feed on this negative energy on the account survive without it. Any connection to the source can only happen through the area of love in the heart center. It is the only place we can start to feel pure unconditional love. Devotion is one of the qualities attached to the crown chakra. Devotion is a lower entity concept. As we all co-creators with the divine there is no need for us to have any devotional or religious feelings towards the divine. We are the divine. Devotion is a way that lower entities can suck our energies. Other physical qualities of courage, selflessness, and inspiration. These are the seven chakras on our physical playing tomorrow we will discuss the chakras below the earth and above the head.