The seven chakras on the physical plane are not the only chakras. However, they are the sole chakras on the physical body. There are Five Top Level  higher chakras.Yesterday we discussed the seven bodily chakras beginning at the base of your spine in the root chakra, moving up along the spinal cord to the top of your head. The seven chakras on the physical plane determine how you look at your world and how you interact with people.

The chakra system as most people understands it is rather like a tree. The physical body physical body is the actual tree, and the tree has roots. The roots of the grounding earth chakras connected to the planet. The higher branches go upwards to the top chakras.

The higher or top chakras

Folklore says of the high chakras that they connected to the universe. My understanding is that by being fully connected to the source through the heart center, you will integrate all the knowledge you need. This knowledge will deepen into a full understanding of your life’s purpose. Knowledge and integration of your inner child. As well as a piece of knowledge regarding your real purpose and meaning within the universe rather than living a shadow life.

Supposedly the high chakras contain the best parts of yourself. That is they provide the knowledge that you came to this earth to manifest and learn from.

The Soul Center Chakra – the eighth chakra

The soul center chakra is the third chakra situated above the crown chakra. This chakra is said to hold your karmic history. This history means it holds and retains any experiences and behavior patterns that you have learned through your past life experiences. It is also supposed to be the center of spiritual compassion and divine love.

Popular thought hopes that once the chakra opens, then you will have a connection to the universe and widen your spiritual awareness. It opens the possibilities to grand ideas, concepts and abilities. It holds the clue to spiritual wisdom and perception as well as antibody projections.

The soul Center chakra is said to be the gateway to your self and your soul. Once opened, you may let go of things which no longer serve you in this lifetime. It holds any obsolete ideas that you have from past lives as well as the patterns of behavior which held you back and restrict you.

I believe that it is the function of the soul Center chakra view to think that you have this connection to your soul. The heart center is the only place o make this connection. The chakras don’t hold the key to this knowledge. The first step is having a blockage clearance completed and then have regular energy healing. Better still, you can study cosmic heart healing yourself and learn how to heal yourself. All healing and all change take place when you have treated yourself. The change works outwards. It is not possible to change other people first.

The higher mental chakra – the ninth chakra

The higher mental chakra holds the karmic blueprint of the thoughts and ideas and skills from past lifetimes. It is supposed to be the knowledge center of the soul.

There are thought to be three different blueprints.

We can all fit into any of these categories if not all of them. Mainstream philosophical thought teaches that one of them will be prevalent in this lifetime and this will dictate the experiences you have.

The teacher blueprint is a soul much more advanced than the creator or healer. They have had more lifetimes, and they have gone on to teach. Mainstream knowledge says that this is the chapter you need to access to open all your past experiences and to bring them into one lesson in this lifetime

True knowledge and wisdom can only come from the heart center.

The Buddha chakra – the 10th chakra

Again mainstream philosophy purports when the Buddha chakra is open it works like a gateway. It allows us to access and utilize and integrate all the skills from our previous lives in existences.

This, of course, is a massive advantage it means that whenever we start a project success is virtually guaranteed. Many people believe that this is because the barriers between knowledge and wisdom are breaking down on this hidden knowledge is being passed down. So this chakra is connected to the synchronicity of life, the connection between the divine. It is also a defined chakra balance because all of your male and female attributes are balanced out to have a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy.

While I believe that the synchronicity and integration are indeed possible, I also think this can only come from the heart center.blessings of gratitude part 3

The Atmic Chakra the 11th Chakra

The “I am presence” and the monadic self, join together in this chakra. It means that the individual can stop to connect with advanced spiritual skills. It purports to prepare for the next stage when the monad chakra opens. When the chakras open the limits between time and space and matter are not there. There is an awareness of the spiritual lifetimes going on concurrently, and it is possible to glimpse of the dimensions.

The Monad Chakra – 12th Chakra

This monad chakra is the ultimate chakra, and it only opens when you also can be integrated into the ” I am presence.”

All karmic debts need to be released and healed before the chakra can open. This is because mainstream philosophy teaches that these energies are too high for our physical bodies.

The results of my Own Energy Healing

My soul clearing work leads me to believe that this is not the case. David Hawkins in levels of consciousness has measured this monad chakra.

Once you’ve had a soul blockage clearance and begun to heal your past programming, old traumas from past lives are released naturally. The negative energies from these traumas have been sent back to source to become unconditional love.

I believe that we have existed since the beginning of time and have had many lives both on this planet and others and in many dimensions. It is infinitely possible that we can connect to the thoughts love and energy of these lives, but not through the chakras.

The chakras only connect to low vibrational energies which themselves need clearing by having soul blockage work done.