17 Steps To Live Your Purpose And Find Fulfillment

1. Prioritize. If you can’t prioritize your time, then how will you be able to do something meaningful with your day? It might seem crazy, but if you want to fulfill your purpose, then you’re going to need to learn time management and how to prioritize....

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Living on Point

The Problem With Passion.Then, there’s the passion. The problem many people face is understanding what passion really is. You may feel really passionate about something, then someone tells you that you don’t look or sound passionate and you are questioning...

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Living Purposely

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and men.Life never goes to plan, does it? It doesn’t matter how much planning you’ve done, how much preparation and thought you have put into something – there’s always a curve ball. Sooner or later we all start to wonder what...

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Money isn’t Everything – Or Is It?

What Do You Really Think About Money?When it comes to defining your attitude to money, it is often hugely problematical. Money is such a wide and varied topic that you will have taught hundreds of different subconscious beliefs around it!The majority of...

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Change your Reality be Creative

Where the Attention Goes the Energy Flows The mind, your mind likes to keep everything compartmentalized and tidy. To do this, it labels everything. Change your Reality be Creative, ditch the labels. During this labeling process things often become negative. If you...

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Identifying Personal Core Values

Identifying Personal Core Values What Are Your Core Values? Your core values are principles or a belief that is of critical importance to your life. You need to identify them because when you acknowledge them they can guide you. Adhering to these core...

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Born Free

"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains" Jean Jacques Rousseau My freedom can never be the same as your freedom. But the essence of freedom is a universal truth. If you can live free, then you can learn to experience life fully. Freedom is full of surprises....

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Living Free For Growth

What Living Free Means When I was younger I thought living free meant living in a country with an elected government, the freedom to be free to speak your mind. The freedom to have a passport as of right, and the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you wanted to....

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Taking Responsibility Exercises

Everything we have thought about in our head becomes our reality. We have created everything around us. Every tiny idea sets a seed in our head. When we have enough of these seeds, it becomes a thought. When we think about something, we begin the process of creation....

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Core Value Examples Help Us To Grow

Do you know who you really are? You can't have any self-growth in your life without an element of self-knowledge. Knowing what makes you tick, how your thoughts and feelings come about and how they affect your behavior. Knowing your self, helps you to...

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Id, Ego, Superego

  What is ego? My guess is if you any number of people what ego is?, You will get as many answers as people. To me, the ego is a protective mechanism. It protects in many ways some of which are useful in some less so. It allows us to project to other people an...

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Affirmations Self Esteem

If you look around the Internet, you can see affirmations self-esteem almost everywhere you look. Yesterday, we discussed affirmations, in the sense that they are not manifestations. There is, however, a way of changing your mindset as to how you feel about something....

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Personal Power – Grab it Back

Grabbing your Personal Power Thought creation is a reality. A lot of people in your life will tell you that your fate is not in your control. If you believe you cannot control your own destiny, then you have given up your own power. You have made it easy for the...

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Is Low Self Esteem Strangling You?

Change the Way You Think and You Will Change the Person You Are

low self esteem

That nagging whining voice of low self esteem can say a lot of things. It might say

“I don’t deserve it”
“This is not for me”
“I don’t deserve to have money”
“That’s for rich people, not me”

Most people hear the nagging voice of low self esteem. Trust me, we all have it to some extent. Some people are crippled by low self esteem. It makes them live their life from a [place of fear not love.
A few people have that voice as a result of a really painful traumatic experience. Most people don’t!


I am Low Self Esteem Shouting at YOU

That nagging whining voice of low self esteem can say a lot of things. It might say

“I don’t deserve it”
“This is not for me”
“I don’t deserve to have money”
“That’s for rich people, not me”

Most people hear the nagging voice of low self esteem. Trust me, we all have it to some extent. Some people are crippled by low self esteem. It makes them live their life from a [place of fear not love.
A few people have that voice as a result of a really painful traumatic experience. Most people don’t!

Your Low Self Esteem Isn’t Yours

That’s because, ironically, this nagging voice isn’t yours! It represents a belief system that you believe in that’s for sure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t represent your beliefs!

Most of these beliefs come from other people. You may have heard your aunt say to your mother as a child something like:

“Harry has lost his job again. I don’t know how long it will take him to get another one. And even if he does how long will he keep it”.

Let’s say your three years of age when you hear that and you’re sitting next to your mum on the sofa. You have long since forgotten that physical memory.

Your subconscious will never forget it. Your subconscious registered several things from this statement.

It registered a belief that money is hard to come by. How did it do that? Well, it heard that hard to keep a job.

What it refused to hear that it was only about Harry. It didn’t hear the circumstances. It doesn’t care about the circumstances it just registered a limiting belief. A limiting belief that will last a lifetime until you release it.

That limiting belief that money is hard to come by as haunted you your whole life.

Getting and Keeping Money Is Difficult

You have this feeling that money is hard to come by and it follows you around. It’s wrapped up for itself around your neck and into your head.

Feelings are like waves they come all the time, but you can choose which ones to surf!

You can also overcome those limiting beliefs they don’t have to drag you down your whole life.

If you find yourself saying “it’s all my fault” all the time, then you are living in an endless cycle of shame.

The problem with living in this cycle is that you are surrounded by blackness and negativity. You simply cannot see the light all the way forward.

Maybe as a teenager, you were told that taking responsibility for your actions was a good thing. Indeed it often is a sign of maturity.

When you have taken responsibility for this internal conflict that is raging inside you then this is not a sign of either maturity or sense.

The reason for this is that it’s not possible to have a conflict in the singular, conflict is always plural. You may have heard the expression “He can start a fight in an empty room, but how many wars have been started and fought with just one side. Even a civil war takes two sides!

It’s All MyFault

So the expression “it’s all my fault all of the time”, is an oxymoron.

To make matters worse self-sabotaging has nothing to do with responsibility but everything to do with avoiding the situation.

If you take the negative blame and cocoon yourself in the misery that surrounds you as a result of this then you are incapable of making anything better. You are totally paralyzed. You are gripped by an irrational fear. This fear prevents you from growing and changing.

You avoid analyzing what went wrong and how. Instead of projecting blame onto other people which is also a kind of self-sabotaging we take the blame ourselves.

So it’s a good idea to have a look at why you take the blame. Because chances are this has become a habit. To break that habit you need to understand what benefits you receive from self-sabotage.

By becoming the victim you make yourself powerless. Worse than that you project that powerlessness onto other people and become a leech.

You’ve all heard the expression that we attract what we think about most. In this case, we are thinking about being to blame and powerless.

It will come as no surprise to any of you that when you are in that mode you attract only people who are negative. You attract people who blame themselves. People are drawn to you who were also powerless. The universe is indiscriminate it gives you what you want.

In this case, you want a lack of power. You want to self-sabotage yourself.

Can I break the pattern of Low Self Esteem?

Blaming our self can become totally addictive. It’s quite easy to bury our self in self-sabotage. This behavior can be a result of your parents never encouraging you or allowing you to shine.

Sometimes even the best of parents, the ones who really love their children can instill this self-sabotaging belief.

They show you, great love, when you do the things that they want you to do. On the other hand, they criticise you when you don’t quite do what they want you to do. If you dared to show anger or sadness then you were punished.

Can this be treated?

There are ways to treat it with therapy. However, in my experience, all of this self-sabotage is a result of programming. Much of this programming can be rewound during soul clearance session.
It allows us to more deeply collect with who we are. We are connected at every level at all times to everyone else on the planet.

After a soul clearance session, we can move forward. We find that we are more compassionate to others. We show greater empathy toward others and a greater understanding.

Even when we were so bogged down by negativity before we couldn’t see the wood for the trees quite literally.

Suddenly you can take a positive look at your potential. You no longer seem so small you seem bigger in your own eyes.

Stop avoiding the situation and read more about Soul Blockage Clearance Here

Catherine’s soul blockage clearance saved my life. I was so angry al the time before my treatment. Now I am a lot calmer, I don’t seem to be caught up in dramas of everyday life. I did not want this healing work done my mother paid for it without my knowledge. However, i noticed the change myself immediately.