The lower chakras are beneath our feet, and they correspond to the chakras above our head.

The earth center chakra. Also known as the Earth Star

There is a connection between the earth star in the physical earth and “all that is.” The chakra is about a foot underneath your feet. It holds the Key to our vast potential.
The two chakras are said to work in harmony to bring a balance to the divine feminine and masculine energies of Ying and Yang energies. These chakras are supposed to balance your material and spiritual needs. He creates a deep connection with the spirit and rhythm of mother earth and Gaia energies.

The light, frequency, and energy to bring in all this healing comes from the heart center. Everything we do comes from love by opening the heart center we heal ourselves. From that love, we cannot break the connection to the divine source. We already connected to the collective consciousness of humanity and that connection remains open when your heart center is open.

However, these lowest chakras have a residence with grounding, and even if you open your heart center, you still need to ground yourself. This process is called earthing in the USA. We all need to ground ourselves, or we feel spaced out. Another side effect of not being grounded is feeling is that we not connected to our human bodies.

The Earth Light chakra – Connected to the Higher Mental Chakra

Supposedly, this chakra activates dormant gifts. Suddenly, you have a sentient knowledge you didn’t possess before.

Suddenly you can see the big picture when these two chakras are open. You have access to innate knowledge. You can look down with a deep love and compassion.

These two together will widen your ability to understand and connect with the universe.

The Inner Earth Chakra Connected to the Buddhic Chakra

This inner earth chakra connects you to the house of the middle earth and also connects you to your cosmic heart. When these two Chakras are working in conjunction with each other, it’s possible to connect to your Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is not the same thing as your physical heart. It is the beginning of the process of awakening of Christ consciousness.

Again I must reiterate that this is all done through your heart center and the chakras are irrelevant.

The Intelligent Earth Chakra connected to the Atmic chakra.

This Chakra has connections the physical earth, and it holds the seeds of all knowledge. When the chakras are both open, you have an understanding of your divine purpose. The two working conjunction will allow you to manifest in the physical form what you agreed to do in this life before you were born.

Once your heart center is open, and you connected the divine you can be aware of your real purpose and begin to live on point. Any information you receive through your Chakras will only allow you to live a shadow life.

Earth Core Chakra connected to the Monad Chakra

Only fully enlightened human beings can open these two chakras in conjunction. That means the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Buddha, and Lord Shiva.
Dr. David Hawkins and levels of consciousness have recorded this level of enlightenment. We cannot become enlightened because in our pure form we are already fully enlightened. Unfortunately, many of us have become so programmed and disconnected from the Soul and from source. Because of this distance, we have forgotten who we truly are and who we can be.

The first step to being enlightened in understanding what we were born to do is to have a soul blockage clearance. This will begin the work to open your heart center which is the true entrance to Solon source. Everything that we know is good comes from unconditional love, and all unconditional love is pure love. This pure Love comes from an open heart center. Where else can come from the heart?

Your Truth

The heart will always tell you what is authentic, and what is right. Anything else is a nonsense. I am aware that this very much goes against mainstream knowledge. This does not the fact that the world is changing very fast in our energies are vibrating at a higher level.

Everything in this life and it is energy and as we raise our energy, we raise our self-awareness as well. We become more powerful with our own personal knowledge which comes from our soul. It doesn’t come from a programmed low vibrational energy which is trying to control us.

One of the things about being free from this detrimental programming is the fact that I don’t get sucked into petty dramas anymore.I am not feeding these low vibrational energies.

Once the chakras are removed, they have nothing to hold onto. The overlay is gone. This doesn’t mean that I don’t need for the healing. Every day morning and evening I heal myself. I open my heart center and feel the love and energy from source and connect to my divine purpose and heal.

The soul blockage clearance was the start of my journey. I know that every day I become more connected. My heart center is naturally open for most of the time now. I don’t have to open it consciously. I feel a deep sense of joy in connection with all living things. I am certain I would not have been able to create this sense of wonder all the time, if I still have my Chakras.I am beginning to understand my energy system and how it interacts not on a logical level, but at a sentient level.

All our thoughts and emotions and ideas simply energetic frequencies vibrating at different levels. The higher your thoughts the higher the energy they vibrate at.

Feeling guilty, being petty, judging others are all negative thoughts on all of them lower your vibration. The closer I have got to source the more blissful my life gets!

Interestingly, last week I was in London in a crystal shop. The lady behind the counter told me she was a clairvoyant and she told me my chakras looked strange. She told me they were very visible from the front couldn’t be seen from the back. What nonsense this is, maybe what she could see with the energy centers underneath. She was confused because they didn’t look like the chakra system and they don’t spin.