The amount of baggage we carry around as humans is absolutely unbelievable. Most of us spend most of our lives running around to avoid that big block of fear in our solar plexus.

In fact, the human condition can be defined as the essential struggle to escape our inner fears. We are frightened to examine those fears because they are caught up in such massive amounts of negativity.

The Mechanics of Letting Go

We inherently fear the consequences of opening that Pandora’s box of fear. If we open it, we will literally be overwhelmed by despair. We feel we have no conscious method of dealing with those fears if they were to come up.

Consequentially  deep down in our subconscious, we long for death. We think that death will bring an end to all our pain.

Our Mind Has No Dimensions

In actual fact, our mind has no dimensions. It has no width or breadth or size. The mind is not limited in space it can transmit its vibrational energy across unlimited distances. Whether we know it or not every day we affect others by our emotional states and thoughts. All of our emotions and the vibrational energy field which disrupts the lives of those around us. One of the basic rules of the universe is that we attract what we most repress. When we repress a feeling, there is so much guilt and fear attached to that feeling that we instantly thrust it away the second it is felt. The mind then has methods of keeping these feelings repressed. Repressed grief, for instance, will unconsciously bring sad events into our lives. Repressed anger will project itself has infuriating circumstances that wind you up on every level.

Letting Go Of A Feeling Is An Acknowledgement

The mechanics of letting go of the feeling doesn’t mean we are rejecting it. It means letting the feeling come up, for instance, the feeling of fear. Let fear come up, feel it fully, and let it run its course.Of course, nothing lasts forever  so the feeling will go.

The first step is trying to prevent yourself from modifying that feeling of fear. Don’t resist it, don’t judge it. It’s just a feeling it doesn’t have to be projeced  into your reality.

When you run with the feeling of fear and stop trying to change it or modify it, you can let it go. When you resist that feeling the energy behind it builds up.


Do You Fear Fear Itself?

Most people fear, fear itself. To let go of the feeling of fear you have first got to let go of the guilt about feeling fear. Focus on the feeling of fear rather than your thoughts about fear.

Your thoughts about fear will go around in an endless loop. They are self-enforcing. They will go on and on and on if you let them. This is because you are trying to rationalise the presence of fear.

The feeling of fear doesn’t come from an external force. The external events that you think cause fear are just excuses.

Letting Go Of Attachment

When we are free, we are letting go of attachments. According to the Lord Buddha to surrender all attachments means a feeling of – it’s okay if it happens and it’s okay if it doesn’t.

When most people let go of that attachment they feel lightheadedness. It’s almost like being high. You realise you are not your feelings. The real you the authentic you is merely observing.

You don’t have to identify with these feelings. You realise that in your past you have been the victim of your feelings because you thought those feelings reflected the truth about yourself.

What Is Your Truth?

In reality what you thought was the truth is merely the ego collecting programs thinks it needs for your survival.

Sometimes a feeling can come up again. This is because it is associated with another emotion. The more you clear, the more you will see things clearer.

Another obstacle you will have to letting go is thinking it’s not working. Unfortunately we are not aware most of the time of all the shit we have already cleared.

Quite often it is our closest friends and families who noticed the change in us first. Ironically, we noticed the change in them first. The changes from ourselves ripple out into their consciousness and helps to heal them and we notice that first.

The Ego Will Resist Letting Go

The ego will resist letting go

Let’s go back to a feeling of fear. How do you think fear helps you in life? Your ego will say that it’s a mechanism to keep you safe.

Safe from what?

We are letting go of all the programs that have let us become a victim over time. You are free to let go, but on the other hand nobody’s forcing you to do so.

Dr Wayne Dwyer once said that the magic happens in the space between the thoughts. I like to think that he meant that the magic is the space between the thoughts or more accurately the silent awareness underneath all our thoughts. That silent awareness is the truth that we already know everything we need to know.

It is hard when we are in the grip of fear, or anger, grief or sadness or any other negative emotion to let it go. Once we begin to let go it becomes much easier.

Letting go is a double-edged sword. As we let go more and more we feel better and better and we feel that we have one. Even when we feel great in our energy is very high there are always subtle emotions to surrender. We may not notice them as effectively because they are not screaming at us, but they are there.