Everything is energy

Everything in my world is energy everything is made up of energy. Your higher self has nothing to do with your physical body and you are so much more than your physical body.

Many people define the higher self quite differently some people think of it as your soul. I can’t say that I do, probably because I trained as a psychologist.

Freud thought there was the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. I believe he was right. Not all psychologists accept this but I feel that the body controls and corrects many things without conscious thought.

For instance, we don’t need to think about regulating body temperature. We don’t need to remember consciously think to make our heart pump. Many things happen without our conscious thought.

For instance, we don’t need to think about regulating body temperature. We don’t need to remember consciously think to make our heart pump. Many things happen without our conscious thought.

Our conscious minds are the things we are consciously aware of. Your higher self to me is your superconscious. It is the part of you which has known you since the beginning of time! It is the part of you that can guide you to greater things.

Connecting with your higher self, is to some extent an oxymoron. You are not separate or distinct from it at any point. Your higher self is a part of you. It is your energetic consciousness. It does not need the body to survive.

Different people listen to their higher self to different degrees. When you get those flashes of insight that seem to make everything clearer this is your higher self banging on the door of your consciousness, forcing you to listen.

Some people, communicate with their higher self in dreams. I am sure to some extent we all do, unfortunately, I never remember my dreams. That is unless they are full-blown nightmares in which case I wake up with my heart thumping.


Wow Where Did That Come From?

Sometimes you receive a strong imperative command. In the 80s I was in madras in southern India. I was getting on an aeroplane. As I climbed the steps I heard a voice telling me to get off the plane.

I have no idea whether this feeling came from or why but I decided to trust it. I told my husband Leo I wanted to get off the plane and he laughed.

So I went back down steps and walked across the tarmac to the departure lounge (in those days there were no corridors you simply walked across the tarmac!) He followed me into the departure lounge.

I am sure you can imagine some of the ensuing argument. He wanted to know why I had got off when all our belongings were on the plane. At the time we had been travelling round the world for about 2 1/2 years and had no home.

Eventually in exasperation he said, something like

“Give me one good reason why you won’t get on the aeroplane?”.



At the time the plane was taxiing along the runway. He had his back to that so he couldn’t see the plane had already left. The plane took off and landed splat back on the tarmac.

As you can imagine it made quite a racket! He looked around and said to me

“Are you a witch?”

I replied, no I wasn’t. I had no idea why I had the idea to get off the plane or why I thought it was so important. I have no premonition of disaster, I had no premonition of anything, either good or bad.

I then suggested that we casually walk over to the aeroplane. He asked why and being the ever practical one I replied

Because if we stand here arguing then we have to pay for our own flight the next time. If we get back out there and look as though we were actually sitting on the plane then they will have to pay for the flight for us”.


I have listened to my intuition many times in my life, but I have never had such a strong feeling as on that day.

Recently I have decided to consciously improve my communication with my higher self. To get back to the mechanics of this some people do it by meditation. Some people do it by channelling. Channelling is merely receiving communication from something not physical. This could be a pet, an animal, your shamanic animal, someone who has passed over or someone who is very much alive.

I tend to do it by meditation from the heart centre. I don’t meditate through the chakras as most people do but from the heart. This is because I believe that everything good in life comes from unconditional love.

Some people imagine themselves in a place that is comfortable. They talk to their higher self as though it were a real entity, which it is.

You may question the answers that you get. Usually because I am a clairsentient I usually just feel the answer, it is a sensation.

The question is you need to be sure you are actually talking to your higher self. Generally, when I first started I confirmed I was speaking to my higher self by muscle testing. Nowadays, I have no need to do this because I can feel the energy and differentiate from other energetic beings.

If you get an answer which you feel comes from fear, shame, grief or any other negative energy, then you are not speaking to your higher self. Your higher self will always give you a feeling of expansion and lightness.

If you’re feeling the negative energies then you are speaking to your ego. Your ego is part of your subconscious, it loves comfort it hates change. On the surface of your ego is there to protect you, but it will prevent you from growing simply because it does hate change.

You don’t have to make such a big thing about asking to speak to your higher consciousness. Just ask! There’s no drama in the connection, or ritual. The more drama you make out of the request the more likely it is you will speak to your ego. It’s not in your ego’s interest to let you speak to your higher self. It can’t stop you but it can distract you with a million thoughts which stops you connecting.

As I say I feel things. Some people see things I tend to find visuals distracting and I generally think they come from the ego. I am so busy looking at beautiful colour swirling I forget the purpose of meditating. However, other people see things much more clearly. They are called clairvoyant which means they see clearly. You are more likely to be clairvoyant if you are visual in life.

I am a true kinaesthetic and I have to feel things to understand things which is probably why am clairsentient or I feel things clearly. Fortunately, when something is really right my left foot vibrates. It has a weird ripple underneath it which is kind of fun because it verifies that I know I’m feeling the authentic me.